Tuesday, 12 September 2017

As NHS approaches 70 it is time to unleash the potential of innovation to transform patient care

The head of NHS England, Simon Stevens has set out an ambitious vision for the National Health Service as it approaches its landmark 70th anniversary.

Mr Stevens will unveil new plans to free up funds for the latest world class treatments by slashing hundreds of millions from the nation’s drugs bill and announce that new and cutting edge treatments will be routinely available for the first time.  Innovations include:
  • Revolutionary new treatment for Hepatitis C is set to save NHS England more than £50 million as well as saving thousands more lives
  • New measures to slash up to another £300 million from the nation’s medicines bill
  • Trailblazing new treatment to restore sight using patients’ own teeth
  • Routine commissioning of the latest technology to help deaf children hear
  • An expansion of the test-bed programme testing the treatments and care models of tomorrow